Improve Your Online Brand: Job Search Advice

According to an article in Forbes in February of this year, a survey by Bullhorn showed that over 98% of recruiters use social media in 2012 to find candidates for their open positions. The evidence is compelling to create online profiles and keep them active. It is just as important to develop a consistent message or “brand.” Here are 5 ideas that can help you improve your online brand and land your next job.

  1. Use “About Me.” At the website About.Me you can create a free single page profile that serves as a website to launch the rest of your online profile. Your new profile can be integrated to all of your other social media platforms keeping everything consistent across the board. The site is more in depth than a resume and can provide more of a personal snapshot of you as a candidate.
  2. Use YouTube. Multimedia is the new black. Recruiters love to see candidates who can command an audience. Use this video platform to share presentations that you have conducted and share them across your other social media profiles.
  3. Write a Blog. A blog is the perfect platform to showcase your expertise on any subject. Is there something for which you would like to be known as an expert? Using services like WordPress or Blogger you can develop a site that is attractive and create content that is compelling. Consider things like interviewing or spotlighting other thought leaders in your industry. Blogging also encourages constructive conversation by allowing comments on the posts. Interacting on other blogs is also a great way to promote your own page.
  4. Use LinkedIn. Out of the more than 98% of recruiters using social media, 97% of then are on LinkedIn to find new candidates. It is very important to create a complete and attractive profile. Connect to the people who have sent invitations and those you’ve met at local networking events. Post a status update about the work you’re doing at least once a week. Join relevant groups and participate. Finally, ask your former colleagues to endorse or recommend you on your page.
  5. Use Twitter. This microblogging site surprised everyone by becoming one of the fastest growing social media sites and then sticking around a while. These 140 character sound bites can show off your expertise to a wide and public audience and build a stable of followers. Share things that promote the brand you want to develop.

Are you looking for creative ways to use social media in your job search? Contact the recruiters at CornerStone Staffing to see how we can help you! 

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