LinkedIn Updates You Need to Use

If you’re looking for a job there is no better online networking tool available today than LinkedIn. Of course, like with all social networking platforms, the site is frequently changing and it is important to take advantage of the latest updates. Several new features were rolled out in 2013. Here are just a few of them that you should use on your profile today.

  • Upload media. LinkedIn now allows users to share media directly on their profiles. Under your experience you can add your portfolio, a slideshare, a logo image, important links, or videos. This is a great way to give potential employers a bigger picture of your experience. Now, hiring managers and recruiters can see your work for themselves and understand what you can bring to the table before scheduling an interview.
  • Redesigned groups. Groups have always been a good way to connect with individuals who share your interests, industry, or location. Now when you participate in group discussions your  photo and information is displayed at the top of the group page so other users can view your profile easily. Of course, to truly benefit from this feature you need to be active in groups. Offer your knowledge and expertise on the group’s primary subject.
  • Endorse from your mobile device. Endorsements are an easy way to get your profile noticed and encourage others in your network to endorse your skills in return. Many experts suggest spending some time once or twice a week endorsing your connections. Now, with some changes to the LinkedIn mobile interface, you can do this directly from your smart phone or tablet making easy to do on the go.
  • Step by step profile builder. As more and more adults are using their smart phones for their entire Internet browsing experience, LinkedIn wants to make mobile user interface easy for everyone to use. New users are now given a simple set of step by step instructions for joining the site and creating a profile when they start the process from their mobile devices.  Everything that can be done on a desk or laptop computer can be handled through the mobile app.

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