4 Secrets to an Amazing Cover Letter

Cover letters are, much like resumes, viewed very differently by each hiring manager or recruiter that you will speak with. Some individuals like to read them to get a better picture of you as a candidate. Others only ask for them to know that you can follow directions. In any case, not having a cover letter will put you at a disadvantage over your competition. Here are four things you can do to make your cover letter amazing and get you that phone call.

  1. Incorporate keywords. When the employer asks you to provide a letter with your qualifications they are really asking you to explain how you are a fit with their open position. Pull a few important keywords directly from the job description and apply them to your background. For example, if the job posting asks for someone with expert knowledge in Microsoft Excel include those words as well as specific functions that show you do know the software at an expert level.
  2. Keep your voice your own. A cover letter shouldn’t be as formal as a resume. You do not need to write in bullets or in third person. Rather, you should craft the cover letter in a personal, but professional, tone. Be friendly and write the way you speak. After you have written your cover letter read it out loud to see how it flows. Make sure to correct any grammar and spelling mistakes before sending it.
  3. Be results oriented. In your cover letter you should include two or three short examples of accomplishments you have had throughout your career. You want them to understand how you will be a benefit to their company. Talk about things that can be easily confirmed such as how much money you saved your department by implementing a new procedure or organizational skills that helped your company streamline their processes.
  4. Customize your content. Most importantly, you shouldn’t send the same cover letter to each job for which you are applying. Make sure to address the letter as specifically as possible. Also, do not simply repeat your resume. Include some insight that they might not get from reading your resume.

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