Accounting Skills Employers in Phoenix Want to See on Candidate Resumes

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Are Power Skills The New Must-Have?

We know about “hard skills,” which are the technical skills required by any given position. We know about “soft skills,” or those personality traits that help people interact well with others. We also know about “transferable skills,” or the things someone can bring from one industry to another. But what about this new trend known… Read more »

Critical Rules For Fast Career Advancement

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Avoid These Job Description Mistakes

Can your job descriptions make job seekers turn the other way? Your job descriptions may paint a picture of a toxic environment, and you don’t realize it. The language you use can and will make a difference. Here are some things that send qualified candidates packing and how to avoid them. Quirky and Cute Headlines… Read more »

Leadership Skills Employers Want to See on Candidate Resumes

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6 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Recruitment Strategy

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Do Your Top Candidate Share Your Core Values?

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Top Sales Jobs That Typically Don’t Require a Degree

You may think you need to complete your college degree before being qualified for most jobs. But this is no longer an absolute truth. Many jobs, including within sales, don’t require a college education. While hiring managers may have preferences for candidates with degrees, you can overcome these hurdles if you position yourself correctly. Here… Read more »

Recruitment Tips For 2023

Your employer brand is essential to candidates. This is your reputation, and without a strong foundation, you may find it challenging to attract top talent. Do you want to improve your employer brand and have a company that current, past, and future employees want to work with? Here are some ways you can positively affect… Read more »

5 Time Management Skills for Your Resume

Effectiveness and efficiency are two top skills companies look for in a candidate. But how do you showcase these on your resume without overusing these words? It often boils down to time management skills. Here are the five most crucial time management skills you should showcase on your resume. Organizing Organization is a crucial factor… Read more »