Career Mottos: Important Lessons to Live By

What is the secret to success? Well, that can be different for everyone. But some common ideas persist among successful people. If you want a boost to your career now and in the future, it’s helpful to look at a few important lessons you can live by. Here are several mottos to follow now and… Read more »

Contact Center Trends for 2022

Call centers are an integral aspect of conducting business, but they evolve very quickly. New technologies and trends are happening every day. Today’s call centers are robust services offering a variety of connection options for customers in need of answers, information, or advice. Without embracing the future, your call center could fall behind. So, what… Read more »

Earn More Without Asking for a Raise

Today, everyone is looking for ways to make more money. With inflation and cost of living increases, a bump in pay can go a long way. Of course, you can ask for a raise, but that isn’t always the most feasible solution. So how can you earn more money in your job without asking your… Read more »

Navigating the Engineering Career Path

engineer drawing plans

Are you thinking about changing your career path? Now is the time to take advantage of the significant shifts in employment and make that jump. Engineering is a rewarding, lucrative, innovative industry that constantly looks for new talent. If your background is in engineering and you’re looking for a new opportunity, here are a few… Read more »

Flexible Staffing Myths Debunked

Flexible staffing is often misunderstood. Flexible staffing is another term used for short-term help to fill in for gaps in talent. It’s often used during busy seasons or when someone is out of the office for some time. There are a lot of misconceptions around flexible staffing. Here are some common myths and the reality… Read more »

Upskill Your HR Team to Become Better Equipped to Handle AI in the Industry

Artificial Intelligence has walked right off the pages of science fiction into our everyday lives. Today, AI impacts many aspects of our professional world, including Human Resources. With more companies using AI as a part of their HR processes, it’s vital that your staff is equipped to adapt to that change. Here’s a closer look… Read more »

How to Cope With Sunday Sadness

The Sunday blues are real. Depression and anxiety can ramp up on Sunday nights as we anticipate returning to work after the weekend. It can manifest as sleepless nights and a general sense of sadness. How can you cope with the Sunday blues and start your week off refreshed? Here are a few things you… Read more »

The Benefits of a Returnship Program for Your Talent Pipeline

Are you familiar with “returnships?” The idea is that candidates returning to work after an extended leave from the workforce will have a smoother transition back into the workforce. For example, someone returning to work after raising a family or post-retirement can benefit from a transition period. Here are more details on what returnships are… Read more »

Why Punctuality Matters in Your Professional Career

Starting a new job can be nerve-wracking. Knowing nothing about a new company other than what you’ve seen online or observed during the interview doesn’t give you a lot to go on. But there is one thing you need to make sure you do when you start and throughout your career: be on time. Punctuality… Read more »

Why Your Employee Referral Program is Your Best Recruiting Tool

There are a lot of stunning statistics that support the use of referral programs for hiring. People who are referred are four times more likely to get hired than other recruiting sources. 45% of referrals stay at the company for four or more years. It costs less than other hiring sources and yields a significant… Read more »