What Can You Do to Get Employees Back in The Office

Is having a remote team no longer serving your business? How do you entice people back into the workplace? This can be challenging since work-from-home became the new normal during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since offices have switched to remote or hybrid schedules, how do you get your team back into the office without hemorrhaging talent? Here are some things you can do to make the office more welcoming.

Tactics to Boost The In-Person Culture and Bring Employees Back

Encourage Social Engagement

Some large companies made the news by making ultimatums for employees to return to the office. Others went the other route and hosted large concerts or social activities in the office. You don’t have to do either of these, but offering the return to office-based social engagement could entice many people to return. Building social capital isn’t just about forcing people into having fun; it’s about fostering genuine, professional connections.


Improve the Office Environment

This is also an excellent opportunity to invest in your office environment to make it a place people want to work. Start with the overall layout and color scheme. Color psychology can give insights into what shades help people feel comfortable and productive. Avoid returning to cube farms and develop ways to make the space more collaborative and inviting.


Facilitate Training and Education

One of the most significant benefits of returning to the workplace is access to training and continued education. While online learning is familiar and accessible, some people still learn better in a group environment. Others retain more information while being hands-on, which is not something most people can do remotely on their own. These opportunities will help bring people together again.


Establish Healthy Work Boundaries

A reason that remote and hybrid work is still such a draw is the way it helped us redefine workplace boundaries and establish better work/life balance. When inviting people back to the office, they must feel this autonomy. Hybrid workplaces can help, as can increased flexibility, better PTO policies, and letting go of expectations to be available 24/7.

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