How to Keep Remote Employees Engaged

The remote workplace isn’t going away any time soon. More employees prefer it, and companies are offering work-from-home to stay competitive. But while working on or with a remote team seems very easy since everyone’s in the comfort of their own home, there are plenty of challenges. It can be difficult to communicate effectively, keep staff engaged, and get to know coworkers when not face-to-face. Here are a few ways to keep your team engaged while working remotely.

Keeping Remote Employees Engaged

Prioritize Health and Wellness

The last several years proved that mental health and wellness couldn’t be separated from our overall well-being. Remote workers risk feeling isolated and unable to engage with aspects of the workplace that previously fed into a healthy lifestyle. Ensure you prioritize these items for your employees and provide access to resources they can use at home.

Host Casual Hangouts and Virtual Team Building Events

Social interaction may be the thing missing from the remote workplace that most people miss. The opportunity to connect with coworkers personally, not just professionally, gives most adults that sense of belonging. Host casual hangouts online or in person when you can. Create fun virtual team-building events to encourage your team to interact.

Listen to and Value Employee Input

There is some concern that employees not in the office won’t get the same time or attention as in-office workers. Create an equitable workplace by listening to and valuing employee input. Ask for feedback from meetings throughout the work process, and use these items to create positive change in the workplace.

Be Available for Communication

Managers are often available for questions and conversations throughout the day in the office. This is just as important in a virtual workplace. Make yourself available for communication with your team during work hours. Most companies use an inter-office communication program that includes a chat function. Let your team know you’re available if they need anything.

Make Teamwork Fun

Above all else, make sure that your team enjoys the work they’re doing. They should be able to find joy in working with other team members, even remotely. If problems arise, address them and ensure everyone feels heard and the experience can remain positive.

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