How to Determine if a Prospective Job or Company is Right for You in Interviews

Are you asking the right questions in an interview to determine if the company culture is right for you? How do you determine if the job is a good fit? There are things you can ask that will provide valuable insights into the position, the culture, and the environment. Here are a few questions to… Read more »

Four Ways to Improve Communication in Your Organization

Communication is the backbone of business success. Improving your communication with employees is critical for fostering a positive and productive work environment. If you and your employees communicate differently, there could be significant challenges in the workplace. Here are four ways to improve communication in your organization and create success. How Communication Practices Can Help… Read more »

How an Updated LinkedIn Profile Can Help Your Job Search Efforts!

LinkedIn is considered the best online resource for business networking available today. Updating your LinkedIn profile can significantly improve your job search by increasing your visibility, showcasing your professional brand, and connecting you with relevant opportunities. Here is why having an updated LinkedIn profile differs from your resume and is vital for finding career opportunities.  … Read more »

Top Skills Phoenix Employers Want to See in Job Seekers: A Guide to Standing Out in the Job Market

For job seekers looking for careers in Phoenix or Tempe, standing out among the competition is essential. But how do you showcase what makes you unique for each client? Knowing what attributes employers want to see in candidates will help them create resumes and cover letters that get noticed. These skills and traits will also… Read more »

Interview Red Flags to Look for in Candidates

The interview is designed for your company to determine which candidate will fit your business well. But what happens when you see red flags? It’s not uncommon to push those to the side because we want to believe the best in people, but sometimes things don’t align. Here are some red flags you should watch… Read more »

The Benefits of Going Back to The Office

The pandemic allowed many of us to shift from in-office work to working from home. It was necessary then, but many people and companies kept up the policies. Today, many employers offer the option of returning to the workplace. While the notion of returning to an office can be scary, it can also be beneficial… Read more »

5 Ways to Encourage Good Attendance on Your Team

A woman gets ready for work in the morning in 5 stages from bed to work uniform

Attendance is a complicated concept in the business world. Whether you’re managing a remote team or people in the office, ensuring everyone is on the same page regarding attendance can be challenging. With your work-from-home employees, for example, you may not know precisely when they’re at their desks. And for your in-person team, you can’t… Read more »

How to Speak About Previous Job Experience in an Interview

Interviews can be scary things. We’re not trained to talk about ourselves with strangers all the time. And how do you talk about your previous job experience in an interview when it may not have been the most favorable environment? It’s vital that you stay professional regardless of the circumstances. Here are our tips for… Read more »

Recruiters in Phoenix Provide Five Ways to Create a Stellar Resume

Your resume is the first chance you have to make an impression. Just like the job description enticed you to apply, your resume will draw the company to give you another look and consider bringing you in for an interview. If your resume looks the same as everyone else’s, you may be passed up for… Read more »

Why You Should Push Your Job Board During the Talk of a Recession

There has been talk of a potential recession in 2023. We still don’t know what is coming down the pike, but preparing for a downturn isn’t a bad idea. Recessions are generally associated with layoffs, but that isn’t always true. Many companies are still hiring right now, but some candidates may be fearful of applying.… Read more »