Why It’s Important to Show Employee Appreciation Year-Round

It’s March, and this month isn’t a time when we talk about gratitude or appreciation. Those daily reminders to be thankful fall by the wayside with the holidays behind us. But it’s vital that you appreciate your team year-round and not just during the holiday season. Here are the reasons to show gratitude every season and a few ways to get started.

The Value of Showing Employee Appreciation Throughout The Year


When you demonstrate appreciation for your employees, you’re increasing their engagement. People want to feel valued, and that, in turn, creates value in their work. Do this by increasing their access to meaningful work, appreciating their contribution, and showing gratitude for them daily. Thank them for their regular involvement, not just for going above and beyond.


Gratitude has the side benefit of encouraging your team to be more productive. As you show your appreciation for the job they do, they are likely to do more and better work. People are motivated by praise, reward, and gratitude. A simple act of saying thank you and providing incentives can all work to increase productivity.


You want to create a workplace that is fair and equitable for everyone. You want to ensure that people are happy working within your workplace culture and that morale is high. Providing additional ways to demonstrate appreciation will help improve their excitement about working with your organization.


Content and appreciated workers are loyal. You can improve retention in the workplace by providing a workplace where they are welcomed and accepted. If someone isn’t getting this level of professional validation, they will likely seek it elsewhere.

Tips for Appreciation

So what can you do to show employee appreciation year-round? Here are some practical ideas.

  • Regularly say thank you
  • Share stories about how someone’s work has positively affected the business
  • Provide wellness days off or meeting-free days
  • Make appreciation inclusive for all employees

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