The Follow Up That Landed You The Job

You made it through the initial phone screen. You printed out copies of your resume, filed them in your portfolio, and dressed up in your most professional suit. You found your way to the office in spite of questionable directions and you aced the interview. So what happens next? Following up with the hiring manager or recruiter is as important a skill to learn as resume writing and interviewing. Here is some practical advice to help you follow up and get an offer.

  1. Ask in the interview. Before you even need to do any additional follow up ask about their process while you’re still in the interview. Ask them when they plan to make a decision or if additional interviews will be necessary. Ask them when would be the best time to follow up. Find out if there is anything else you might be able to do for them. This kind of initiative is desirable in an applicant.
  2. Send a “Thank You.” At one time it was not only proper but expected to send a hand written thank you note after an interview. This is still an accepted practice but it is also completely suitable to send a thank you email. The same day as your interview or first thing the next business day craft an email that thanks the interviewer for their time. Also include some specifics from your conversation. Remind them about points you made or add anything you didn’t say in the interview. For instance, if you discussed how important it was to be on time every day remind them that you had an excellent attendance record from your previous employer that can be verified with a reference phone call.
  3. Ask for an update. If you were told they would be making a decision by a certain date it is completely fine to follow up with them at that time to see where they are in their process. Call them or email them and ask if they have made a decision or if there is anything else you can do for them. Remind them that you enjoyed your meeting and you are very interested in their organization.
  4. Back off. There is a fine line between persistent and pushy; don’t cross it. If you have sent a thank you note the next day and a follow up email a week later don’t contact them a third time. Use your best judgment whether or not you should follow up with them additionally. Once you’ve done your part of the process you can only hope they make an offer or it is time to move on to the next opportunity.

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