Local DFW Staffing Company Picks Up Two Awards For Excellence

CornerStone Staffing (Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas) CornerStone Staffing wins the 2013 prestigious Consumers’ Choice Award, which is an award given to Businesses servicing their marketplace (DFW) with excellence.  After surveying buyers of staffing services and financially qualifying CornerStone Staffing, CCA made the award to CornerStone Staffing this July for the DFW marketplace. CornerStone Staffing… Read more »

Social Madness: CornerStone Staffing is in the DFW finals

The following article was written by Bethany Peterson, a Staff Writer for the Dallas Business Journal.  This article was posted on July 2, 2013: Social Madness: The DFW finals begin After 30 days of collectively beating out nearly 60 other contestants, the final two companies in each of three categories in Social Madness will compete… Read more »

CornerStone Staffing – Pack For A Purpose

In February, during a trip to Mexico’s beautiful Fairmont Mayakoba in Play del Carmen, CornerStone Staffing colleagues packed with a purpose. What was their purpose? To make an impact on the community they were visiting with a meaningful contribution. CornerStone Staffing worked with the Pack for a Purpose organization and identified two groups they wanted… Read more »

Identifying High Potential Employees

How do you know when the candidate seated across from you in an interview has what it takes to succeed in your business? When making a hiring decision or choosing to promote a current employee there are some key traits that will stand out for the right candidates. Here are the 5 things that high… Read more »

Online Preparations for your Job Interview

Preparing for your interview starts long before you put on your navy blue suit and drive to the company to nervously meet with the hiring manager. To make the best first impression, start before the first impression even happens. Today’s social media rich world can give job seekers an advantage if they learn how to… Read more »

What Job Seekers are Looking for: Are You Offering It?

Are you able to provide the things job seekers are looking for when they apply for a job with your business? If you aren’t able to give applicants what they need they will likely not accept your job and move on to another company. Here are the five things job seekers want most and suggestions… Read more »

Don’t Go Down Like The Titanic

In 1912, the RMS Titanic became the most infamous ship in history as it struck an iceberg causing the unsinkable vessel to promptly sink. The deadliest disaster in the history civilian sea travel has been used as a metaphor for our own country’s economic crisis lately. There are lessons to be learned from the story… Read more »

Pinterest: Pin Your Way to a New Job

Pinterest has grown faster than any other stand-alone social media site in the last couple of years. Individuals are using it to share visual representations of their hobbies and interests and discover new things. Companies are also beginning to join the Pinterest band wagon. Is it possible to use this site to find a new… Read more »

EPL Insurance: Are You Covered?

You are already aware of the necessary insurances you need to carry to run your business, but if you haven’t heard of EPLI or Employment Practices Liability Insurance you may wish to learn about it. This insurance can protect you from litigation against your company in relation to employment issues from potential, current, or former… Read more »

Your resume: Focus on results not daily tasks

Writing a resume is an art form. Employers do not want to see a list of your skills or the tasks you’ve performed on a daily basis. Today’s resume needs to provide more information. Focus your resume on the results of your job functions rather than daily tasks and your background will be more attractive… Read more »