Local DFW Staffing Company Picks Up Two Awards For Excellence

CornerStone Staffing

(Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas)

CornerStone Staffing wins the 2013 prestigious Consumers’ Choice Award, which is an award given to Businesses servicing their marketplace (DFW) with excellence.  After surveying buyers of staffing services and financially qualifying CornerStone Staffing, CCA made the award to CornerStone Staffing this July for the DFW marketplace.

CornerStone Staffing wins “Social Madness” which is a social media contest sponsored by the Dallas Business Journal. The contest measures a company’s social media engagement on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.  Sixty-five Dallas-Fort Worth companies competed in three size categories (small, medium and large) based on each company’s collective social following during the month of June.  CornerStone Staffing won the contest for the medium category for the Dallas-Fort Worth market.

Social media is a fun way to stay in touch with friends and family, but can it also be a recruiting resource and a sales tool for a staffing agency?  You bet it can.  CornerStone Staffing has 10 branch offices and every year approximately 25,000+ candidates walk through the front doors into their brick and mortar buildings.  Agreeably, that is a big number.  But social media has enabled CornerStone Staffing to increase that reach by 3,000% in one year!!   CornerStone’s website had more than 1,068,000 visitors so far in 2013. In the month of September alone, more than 237,789 people were reached by CornerStone’s Facebook posts and more than 37,000 people were reached by CornerStone’s LinkedIn posts.  Without social media, it would have been impossible to expose CornerStone to that many people in that amount of time.  And it was FREE!!!

CornerStone Staffing provides paperless services to their clients over the web!  For the past 2 ½ years CornerStone Staffing has provided their clients with web based solutions for time keeping, order placing and invoicing.  CornerStone’s employees are able to complete employment applications, submit themselves to jobs, enter their time card, and view their paystubs all on line.

For the past 22 years, CornerStone Staffing has worked hard to establish a professional reputation for leading edge technology & a recognizable brand in the DFW marketplace. As one of the experts in the industry, they are committed to remain at the leading edge of emerging technology for customer services and social media options. Look for more exciting news in the near future from CornerStone Staffing!


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