Employee Motivation is Important. Period.

Every business owner wants their business to succeed. In order for that to happen production needs to be maintained at the highest possible level. Employees need to stay engaged in the work they do. There is no magic formula to make this happen nor is there such thing as the perfect employee who never has… Read more »

How to Improve Employee Output

It is the responsibility of a good manager to ensure their employees remain motivated. You certainly want to hire people with a passion for their jobs, but sometimes the game needs to be changed and things need to be kept fresh. Here are some creative ideas you can use to help improve your employee output.… Read more »

How to Transition from Freelance to Full Time

While the job market faced uncertainty for the last several years many job seekers turned to freelance work to help supplement their living. Now as things are beginning to improve, what is the best way to transition back into the market as a full time employee? Here are several tips to help you along the… Read more »

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website

We all know that modern companies must have an internet presence to compete in today’s market. For many small and medium sized companies outsourcing this function is impractical. So how do you, as a business owner, make your website effective and drive traffic to it? Here are three tips to making sure you get readers.… Read more »

Don’t Go Down Like The Titanic

In 1912, the RMS Titanic became the most infamous ship in history as it struck an iceberg causing the unsinkable vessel to promptly sink. The deadliest disaster in the history civilian sea travel has been used as a metaphor for our own country’s economic crisis lately. There are lessons to be learned from the story… Read more »