Pinterest: Pin Your Way to a New Job

Pinterest has grown faster than any other stand-alone social media site in the last couple of years. Individuals are using it to share visual representations of their hobbies and interests and discover new things. Companies are also beginning to join the Pinterest band wagon. Is it possible to use this site to find a new job? With a little creativity you can add this tool to your job search arsenal. Here are several tips for using Pinterest to help you in your job search.


  1. Optimize. Make sure your settings allow your Pinterest page to be searchable by Google and other search engines. Add a profile that showcases who you are professionally and describes what you can do and what you want to do. Pin your professional website and LinkedIn pages along with photographs and other pages that share your skills and interests.
  2. Create your resume. Build a board called “My Resume” and include links and items that represent your background and add in your portfolio. Pinterest is image driven so make sure that anything you pin is eye catching.
  3. Create boards for companies and industries. Create boards for specific industries for which you have a greater interest. If you want to be a graphic designer don’t just pin examples of your own work but find a company that interests you and design a pin board to show all the things that are exiting about their business.
  4. Follow the experts. Search Pinterest for individuals who do what you want to do and follow them. This online networking can be just as useful as face to face meetings and dedicated networking sites like LinkedIn. At the very least you will be able to learn from their expertise, but you may be able to make a more long term connection. Interact with them and leave comments on their pages.
  5. Protect yourself. If you are sharing photographs, crafts, or art you have created yourself protect them by adding a personalized watermark to the photo. You want people to see them, but you want to make sure they are protected. There are several online tools that can help you with this process.
  6. Be professional. If you want to keep your Pinterest boards about camping and kittens then you may not want to share it with professional networks. This is fine. However, if you think you can use the tool to your job search advantage keep the pins and boards professional.

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