Soft Skills – How to Determine Them in the Interview

Experts will tell you that, as a manager, you need to hire based on the soft skills of the candidate. But what does this mean and how exactly do you measure soft skills? Hard skills refer to the specific qualifications for the job, such as experience with certain software or years of working within one… Read more »

Why the DFW Area Is the Best City for Jobs

In a recent article by Forbes, the Dallas area tops the list of best places to work in the U.S. But why is the DFW area the best city for jobs right now? There are plenty of reasons this city has risen to the top of the market, including overall industry, quality of life, and… Read more »

The Decision: Do I Take the Offer?

It may seem counter intuitive to be cautious about taking an offer when you’ve been spending the better part of this year looking for a job, but this decision isn’t something to take lightly. If you are in a position to consider more than one job offer at the same time, you need to know how to… Read more »

Haven’t Heard Back? Don’t Panic! Why Job Offers Get Put On Hold.

After putting the time and effort into crafting a unique and effective resume and a razor sharp cover letter. After preparing–and acing–your interview. You wait… …and wait. It can be incredibly unnerving waiting to hear back after an interview! The truth is, maybe you did ace your interview. But, sometimes, job offers are put on… Read more »

Don’t Get Fired – Four Tips for Job Security

Looking for ways to get ahead in your career? Or maybe you’re concerned about your job stability, and you’re looking for ways to become your boss’ most trusted asset. There are steps you can take to stand out from the pack. Feel more comfortable in your job, and less afraid of getting the axe, by… Read more »

Dear Recent College Graduates: Don’t Make These Mistakes!

Now that school is done and you’re ready to start your career, you may be eager and ready to hit the job market. Maybe you’ve completed an internship or summer job along the way, and you feel invincible. What economy struggles? Who says there’s a slow job market? Hold on there, recent grads! The economy… Read more »

Can Video Resumes Help You Stand Out from Other Candidates?

Today’s job marketplace offers a wide array of tools and technologies to help you show off your accomplishments and qualifications. One of the most recent tools, and one that is gaining a lot of traction, is the video resume. Are video resumes the next great tool for job seekers? While a video resume might not… Read more »

Don’t Be Overlooked: Tips to Stand Out in an Interview if You’re Unemployed

In today’s economy, many talented professionals across the Dallas / Fort Worth market have had instances of unemployment. As things continue to improve; however, and you gain job interview opportunities, it’s important to stand out, and not have any periods of unemployment bar you from gaining a new position. Don’t be overlooked! Here are ways… Read more »