The Decision: Do I Take the Offer?

It may seem counter intuitive to be cautious about taking an offer when you’ve been spending the better part of this year looking for a job, but this decision isn’t something to take lightly. If you are in a position to consider more than one job offer at the same time, you need to know how to make the right selection. When you’re dealing with your anxiety about whether or not to take this job, think about the following things.

  1. You can ask for more time. If you’re waiting for more than one response, or you still have interviews schedule which you’re interested in, you can ask for more time before you make a decision. Candidates have more power in the process than they think sometimes. Explain to the recruiter or interviewer that you want to make the best decision for you. This may also give you some additional bargaining power. If a company knows you’re in demand they may sweeten the deal to attract you to their team.
  2. Prioritize your choices. You should take time to evaluate the companies that you are interviewing with and determine which company is really the right fit for you. You will know when you meet with them which companies are a good cultural fit for you and you should keep that in mind when you make a decision.
  3. Don’t rescind an offer. Some candidates will make the decision to accept an offer even if they are waiting for a better one to come their way. This is considered by business professionals to be bad form. If you politely decline an offer there may be opportunities down the road. Let the company know you appreciate their offer but you will not be able to accept it at this time. Tell them you enjoyed meeting with them and if things change in the future you will keep them in mind. If you accept a job and rescind the offer before you start you’ve just burned the bridge. The company will feel as though they’ve wasted their time on you as a candidate and now they need to start over again.
  4. Ask more questions. If you receive an offer for a job you want but it isn’t perfect, you should feel comfortable negotiating. Explain to them your position and why you feel you deserve more money or better benefits. Many job seekers feel like this difficult job market means they have to accept whatever is offered, but there is always room for negotiation.

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