Leading Other Millennials When You’re a Young Manager

The modern workforce is continually evolving, and now that baby boomers are looking forward to retirement, the next largest generation may be taking over some of those management roles. But are you ready for this kind of responsibility? And, if so, do you think you can manage other millennials in your office? Before you get started on your management career track, here are a few things you can do to ensure the success of both you and your team.

Be aware of everything around you.

A good part of the management experience is knowing what’s happening on your team and throughout the company. Without giving into gossip, make sure that you’re aware of everything that’s going on around you. You can take appropriate action before problems grow out of control.

Be willing to help out and back off.

It sounds like contradictory advice, but management is a delicate balance between pitching in and backing off. Sometimes, your team will be very grateful for your help, but if you cross the line to doing everything because you’re convinced it won’t be done right, it’s time to take a step back.

Encourage career development.

You’re not the only ambitious millennial in your company. And even though you’re now in a management position, you should encourage your team to set lofty goals. In fact, you should do this because you’re in a management position. Watch for signs that someone is ready for more responsibilities and provide those opportunities.

Be clear about your expectations.

Millennials do have a reputation for being poor communicators. And with the prevalence of digital connection, it can appear millennials are always looking at devices rather than talking to one another. But communication hasn’t died, it’s just evolved and millennials have been at the forefront of that movement. You can be clear about your expectations no matter how you communicate them to the team.

Hold work/life balance in high regard.

As a millennial you know that work isn’t the only gratifying experience in your life. And the idea that life outside of work is as important as life at work is fundamentally changing the way companies treat their staff. You can help increase employee work/life balance by working to enhance the workplace and personal time off policies in your office.

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