Can Video Resumes Help You Stand Out from Other Candidates?

Today’s job marketplace offers a wide array of tools and technologies to help you show off your accomplishments and qualifications. One of the most recent tools, and one that is gaining a lot of traction, is the video resume.

Are video resumes the next great tool for job seekers?

While a video resume might not be the only tool you want to use in your job search, it can have some advantages when applying for work. The average video resume is one to three minutes (go any longer, and you risk an HR manager, who has a pile of up to 100 resumes or more, losing interest). Packing those few precious minutes with the right highlights can help you land your next career opportunity. Some of the top benefits of video resumes include:

  1. The ability to highlight your presentation skills. What better way to show your presentation skills…then to actually show them! Recording your video resumes gives you an opportunity to present your qualifications to your employer. Communication abilities, and the skills of presenting to a team or client, are essential to many industries and professions. In a relatively short amount of time, you can demonstrate these skills in your video resume.
  2. It’s easy to do. Everyone has a resume, but despite their emerging popularity, many candidates don’t have video resumes. You can create a video resume within the walls of your own home, or you can have a professional staffing firm help you give a professional polish. With a webcam and your qualifications, you can have an effective video resume without a lot of time, hassle or expense.
  3. They can open doors. Hiring managers are under pressure to make quick hires, and to hire the best. That’s not so easy to do when you have stacks of resumes on your desk! A video resume offers a quick, low-stress way for a hiring manager to see what you have to offer. And the refreshing difference of a video resume, rather than just a regular paper resume, can help hiring managers see you in a different light, compared to your competing job seekers.

Video resumes can be an excellent complement to your paper resume, and can give you the extra boost you need for your next career opportunity. If you need help creating your video resume, or even refining your paper resume, CornerStone Staffing can help! Our experienced team of employment experts can help you market your skills to potential employers, and we’ll work hard to match your unique skills and talents to one of the top employers in the DFW market.

2 thoughts on “Can Video Resumes Help You Stand Out from Other Candidates?

  1. This article was most interesting and intriguing. Video resumes most definitely can help to highlight communication skills, leadership skills, and creativity.
    However, they might not have the power to replace the traditional resume. The biggest drawback to video resumes is the lack of established structure/content that one should incorporate. While video resumes leave much room for creativity, how much room is too much? Do you agree that video resumes could have potential legal consequences in the future? In regards to hiring, video resumes can open the door to discrimination lawsuits.

  2. Video Resumes definitely stand out, think about it. Most people use paper resumes, so why not be creative and create a video resume that will really impress whoever you show it too. I know this great website called Rezbuzz that will help you with your video resume and make it look professional. You should check it out.

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