How Are Analytics Improving in Call Center Tracking?

We live in an era of big data. What does that mean for the call center industry? Analytics are becoming a big part of the success for many companies, so it’s imperative that call center managers pay special attention to them. How are analytics improving in call center tracking? Here are some of the top trends in customer service call centers that can help individuals and companies advance.

Artificial Intelligence for Call Routing

AI is really changing the game for a number of industries. While AI won’t be replacing direct call representatives in the near future, the technology is being used to properly route calls to the right person. One of the most common AI solutions for call centers is chatbots. This online chat format allows users to ask and get personal responses to common questions. But if the question is more complex, they’re routed to a customer service professional.

Improving Customer Loyalty

Branding can start consumers on a path to brand loyalty, but there needs to be more than just a great name backing your product. Customer service is one of the best ways to improve and enhance company loyalty among consumers. Tracking why people call and their level of satisfaction is essential to create return customers.

Technology to Enhance Call Center Performance

There was a time when call center representatives were monitored to determine performance. A single person can’t do as much as technology allows. So, companies are using more advanced computer systems to track calls, call satisfaction, call time, and employee responses to be able to calculate their performance.

Utilizing Cloud Communications

You may have heard about remote customer service representatives and wondered how it’s possible in your industry. The truth is, many companies are moving to cloud-based communication services. And if not fully transitioning, they may be implementing hybrid cloud solutions. This can allow you to offer flexible and remote work schedules, which will attract top CS talent, and reduce your overhead long term.

Providing Self-Service Documentation

There is one more component that call center analytics is providing, which has become a huge benefit to the consumers themselves. More people are relying on self-service documentation. They want to be able to Google how to solve the problem on their own first before contacting a customer service representative. Analytics allow your company to determine what topics are most helpful and important to the callers and creating the self-service portal to allow people to try at-home fixes first.

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