One Question to Ask in the Job Interview to Ensure Success

You know there are several questions you should be asking in an interview. But we want to make sure you’re adding this one to the list. “What does your ideal hire accomplish in the first month?” You can even expand this to be 90 days or a year. Why? This question will give you an idea of what you can focus on when you start the job. But it also provides insight for the hiring manager to determine how eager you are to take this position and make it your own. Here are some things you can discuss when you learn their answer.

Acknowledge gaps in your experience.

When you ask this question, you may find that the interviewer has some ideas that may be beyond the scope of your current experience. That’s fine. Your job now is to emphasize the kinds of experience you have that will lead to what they want and how your transferable skills allow you to still accomplish what they’re expecting.

Share how you contribute to success.

This is where your accomplishments can come in. When you hear certain trigger words regarding their vision, you can emphasize the ways in which your previous experience has contributed to past success. You need to demonstrate your proven track record.

Learn best by doing, not watching.

You may also learn best by doing, not watching. So, you can emphasize this by sharing with the hiring manager that your first month, three months, or a year will allow you to get to the right place to share in the company’s long-term goals. This will be a symbiotic relationship for everyone involved.

Your need and ability to act.

Regardless of the specific goal, you know that what you want is to dig in and make your mark. You can communicate this when the employer offers their vision for the future and you share with them your own goals for the future. Emphasize where your goals match and how your need to advance will only help them accomplish their mission.

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