A Tricky Interview Question that Can Help You Lock Up the Job

A potential employer is going to ask you a lot of questions. And you need to be prepared to answer as clearly and professionally as possible. You may even ask them some questions along the way, and you really should if you weren’t already considering it. But there is one question a hiring manager may ask where your answer can make all the difference: “Is there anything else we should have asked you?” What do you do when faced with this question? Here’s what they’re really asking and how you can be prepared.

What else haven’t you mentioned?

Here is your chance to give them information on something you’ve forgotten to mention or haven’t been promoted about. Having an opportunity to give this kind of information is a gift, so quickly review your interview and bring up something that will be of interest to the employer as well as a benefit for them if they were to hire you.

Provide data and details.

When you are able to share new information, don’t forget to be specific. Companies want to hear the data behind your biggest accomplishments. Talk about the details like how you achieved something important in your career. Talk about the numbers like the money you’ve saved or processes you’ve improved.

Be confident when you answer.

Confidence is an important part of any job interview. It’s also essential to understand the difference between confidence and arrogance. It’s completely okay to be proud of the things you’ve accomplished and to demonstrate that in your answer. But also maintain some humility and give credit where credit is due. Your job is to sell yourself as the top candidate.

How not to answer.

What’s important to realize here is what the employer is asking. They want more detail from you. Some people may take this as an opportunity to ask questions of their own, but there will be time for that. In this case, be sure to focus on what it is that you’re proud of in your career and be specific with your answer.

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