What Are the Fastest Growing Jobs in Phoenix Arizona?

What Are the Fastest Growing Jobs In Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix is one of the hottest and fastest-growing job markets in the United States. That means plenty of opportunity for job seekers but can make it challenging for employers in Phoenix staffing key full time and temporary positions throughout the region. For businesses who need help hiring or candidates seeking the right job or want to learn a bit more about the area, read on.

How To Find Employees in Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa and Glendale

The hot job market in the Phoenix area is favorable for businesses, job seekers, and the communities they serve. The downside is that the demand for top talent is highly competitive. Consider these measures to find and attract the best possible candidates for your organization:

Communicate Your Message

Your brand is a significant factor in attracting talent to your organization – people with the skills, experience, and attitude to thrive in your organization. Review your materials – online and print – to be sure they are up-to-date and accurately reflect your company values, goals, and culture. When a candidate comes to your website, it should be simple to find your open jobs and apply. Visitors to your site should see themselves reflected in the images on your site.

Encourage Referrals

Often the best source of promising candidates are your current successful employees. People are invested in their coworkers being competent and hard working. Add a cash incentive and you’ll have plenty of applicants to choose from.

Reach Out To Your Network

Keep in touch with others in your community or industry to know where the best candidates can be found. Frequently, hiring managers interview well-skilled individuals who are not the right fit for their organization or current openings. Discuss your needs with your network colleagues. They will often be able to help.

Work With A Staffing Agency

A staffing agency in Phoenix can be your secret weapon in the war for talent. They know the local talent market, have a database of candidates, and are experts in placing the right people in the right jobs. It’s essential to work with a temporary employment agency in Phoenix with experience filling the types of jobs you need help with as well as the specific area they serve. If you are recruiting in your area, don’t just look for employment agencies in Arizona, get specific. Work with a temp agency in Phoenix, AZ, a staffing agency in Tempe, AZ, or a staffing agency in Chandler, AZ, depending on your needs.

What Can Staffing Agencies Do For Employers?

Prevent Turnover

One of the major frustrations employers cite is the inability to hire and keep good people. It takes time and money to replace and retrain people – time employers would rather spend on revenue driving activities. A staffing agency in Chandler, AZ, a staffing agency in Phoenix, or a staffing agency in Tempe, AZ can source and screen people in the area to ensure they have the skills and experience needed for the position as well as being the right fit for long-term success in the company.

Improve Cultural Fit

It’s not always easy to tell who will be the right fit for your organization. Recruiters in Phoenix interview candidates all day, every day. They use a combination of job specific and behavioral questions to identify individuals who will mesh with the organizations they represent. Whether your business is one with a traditional structure with a clear chain of command and expectation of professional demeanor or a more entrepreneurial organization where you expect employees to be self-motivated and make decisions on the fly, they can help you find the most suitable candidates.

Relieve Administrative Burdens

A staffing agency can be a part of your organization. They can recruit for open fulltime position, but temp agencies in Arizona can also provide a pipeline of talent to draw from if you need people on a temporary basis to fill in for you when you have projects to complete or want to take on new challenges without committing to a permanent hire. Partnering with a temp agency in Tempe, AZ, a temp agency in Phoenix, AZ, or temp agency in Chandler, AZ provides you with a locally based talent bench you don’t have to keep on your payroll. For tough-to-fill or competitive positions a staffing agency can make all the difference.


What Jobs Are Available In The Phoenix Area?

Given the recent pandemic, an aging population, and a climate that attracts retirees and snowbirds, it’s no surprise that many of the fastest-growing jobs in the Phoenix area are in healthcare. The best thing about this field is that there is opportunity for a variety of interests and a wide range of experience and education.

According to the Arizona Department of Economic Security, Arizona’s fastest-growing jobs from 2018 to 2020 were carpenter, truck driver, statistician, chemical equipment operator, and home health aide. The fastest-growing industries are construction, manufacturing, professional services, education, health, and finance. What does that mean for a Phoenix area jobseeker?

Healthcare Jobs Are Available in the Phoenix Area

Because of growing population in the Phoenix area, real estatemortgage and finance roles are in great demand. Jobseekers moving into the region, residents upgrading to a larger home and employers looking for commercial property to lease or purchase require an extensive amount of paperwork and expertise.  

From title clerks to loan processors to appraisers, the booming Arizona real estate market keeps many of our local citizens happily employed. As more people move into the area, the need grows for all sorts of finance professionals as well, from collections to accounting to analysts. 

If you’re interested in healthcare, another growing field, but don’t have the training, education or temperament for direct patient care, there are plenty of behind-the-scenes jobs to consider. From medical billing or coding to hospital administrator, these positions are in-demand and often require skills that can be honed in a non-medical setting. If you have any kind of administrative experience and an interest in healthcare, reach out to an employment agency in Arizona with offices in your area. They can help you figure out how to present your skills to gain the interests of healthcare employers. Administrative healthcare jobs include medical collector, insurance verifications, call center agent, customer service rep, patient access representative, membership services administrator, claims examiner, and patient financial services rep. 

Of course, all the growth in these fields leaves plenty of room for administrative and professional services positions such as office assistant, mailroom clerk, receptionist, operations services, client services representative, customer service representative, client advisor, call center, accounting analyst, operations analyst, collections representative, mailroom clerk, operations coordinator, and accounts payable and receivable.  

What Other Jobs Are Available in Phoenix, Chandler, and Tempe?

Healthcare is not the only growing field. Because of growing population in the Phoenix area, all levels of trades are in demand such as HVAC helpers, pipefitting helpers, steam fitting helpers, brick mason helpers, electrician helpers, carpenters’ helpers, tile setter helpers, roofers, steelworkers, plumbers, and masons.

Of course, all the growth in these fields leaves plenty of room for administrative and professional services positions such as office assistant, mailroom clerk, receptionist, operations services, client services representative, customer service representative, client advisor, call center, accounting analyst, operations analyst, collections representative, mailroom clerk, operations coordinator, and accounts payable and receivable.

Other high demand fields in Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, and Phoenix include:

Finance Careers Are Booming 

Accountant, tax researcher, billing specialist, accounts payable, claims representative, compliance analyst, and financial analyst.

IT (Information Technology Jobs Continue To Grow)

Systems engineer, help desk analyst, help desk specialist, operations analyst, project manager, salesforce administrator, ServiceNow developer, software engineer.

Real Estate and Mortgage Careers Are An Especially Excellent Opportunity

Because so many of these jobs are centered around construction, and the real estate industry, such as loan officers, loan processors, escrow specialists, verifications specialists, document processors, valuations services, tax researchers, billing specialists, title curative specialists, imaging clerks, document review specialists, and compliance officers, candidates for these jobs will be in high demand.

How To Find A Job in Phoenix

Not sure of the best way to find jobs in Phoenix? Of course, you can start with the job boards or word of mouth, but an even smarter strategy might be to work with employment agencies in Arizona. Staffing agencies specialize in connecting job seekers and employers to make the perfect match. They are plugged into the job market. They know where the jobs

are, the best places to work, and how you can make a great impression on the hiring manager. Partner with a temp agency in Phoenix, a temp agency in Tempe, or a temp agency in Chandler AZ, to be sure they truly understand the local market. Not only can they connect you with decision-makers, but they can also update you on competitive pay and benefits to be sure you choose the best possible job for you. If you need to find a job quickly, they can help you find employers with phoenix jobs, hiring immediately.


Work Isn’t Everything! What Else does the Phoenix Area Have to Offer?

If you’re thinking about relocating or just looking for some fun things to do that get you out of the house, check out these local attractions:

They’re family-friendly or a great place for an active date. Before venturing out to any of these areas, be sure the attractions you are most interested in are not closed due to the coronavirus, weather, or wildfires to avoid a wasted trip.

Where Are The Best Places To Explore The Outdoors In The Phoenix Area?

South Mountain Park and Preserve

South Mountain Park and Preserve covers more than 16,000 acres and offers more than 58 miles of trails you can explore on foot or a bike. Dobbins Lookout is the highest accessible point in the park at 2330 feet. It offers a panoramic view of Phoenix, Camelback Mountain, and other scenic mountain ranges.

Phoenix Mountains Preserve

Just 20 minutes from downtown Phoenix, the Phoenix Mountains Preserve offers hiking, biking trails and scenic vistas from Piestewa Peak and Camelback Mountain. The preserve also includes Dreamy Draw Recreation Area, North Mountain and Shaw Butte.

Estrella Mountain Regional Park

Estrella Mountain Regional Park was founded in 1954 as the first regional park in Maricopa County Park System. It’s nearly twenty thousand acres encompasses both desert and mountain terrain with rivers and wetlands during winter and monsoon season. Grassy picnic areas are available for visitors to the park.

Phoenix Sonoran Preserve

With more than 9,600 acres in North Phoenix, the Sonoran Preserve offers 36 miles of trails in mostly undeveloped desert terrain. The preserve boasts three trailhead locations for magnificent views of the area – Desert Vista, Desert Hills, and Apache Wash – and trails of varying levels of difficulty for virtually any hiker skill level. The southern part of the preserve ranges from the Bobcat Trail to the challenging Dixie Mountain. In the north, visitors will find Apache Vista and Ridgeback Overlook, as well as many miles of hiking and biking trails.

Wildlife World Zoo: Aquarium and Safari Park

For a family-friendly day out, the Wildlife World Zoo, Aquarium & Safari Park is a treat. With more than 6000 animals, 600 of them exotic and or endangered, everyone is bound to find a favorite exhibit. There are free animal shows, feeding stations, and various attractions, including a log flume ride, African Safari Train, Australian Boat Ride, Wildlife Skyride, or exotic Merry-Go-Round.

Visit Phoenix offers a free travel guide where you’ll find even more fun things to do.

Hiring or Looking for A Job in the Phoenix Area?

If you’d like to learn more about what working with a staffing agency can do for your business or career in Chandler, Tempe, Mesa, Scottsdale, Glendale, or Phoenix, contact us today!. CornerStone Staffing has been serving employers and job seekers since 1991.


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