How to Demonstrate Remote Work Experience on Your Resume

Remote work suddenly became the norm in 2020. Companies that never intended to have work from home policies were forced to reconsider. That may mean some of your most recent experience will be from home. But how exactly do you frame this on your resume when you’re looking for your next job opportunity? Can you use it to your advantage? Here are a few different ways to include it on your resume.

Include It in Your Summary

If you want to find another job where working from home is encouraged, go ahead and include it in your summary statement. This way, the employer will know if you’re a match for their corporate culture and remote work structure. It will also mean you won’t get calls from companies that don’t have work from home policies.

Put it as the Location

Especially if you worked for a company located in another city or state, include “Remote Work” or “Work from Home” as the job location. This communicates a few things. It explains that you weren’t working like a pinball all across the country but also that multiple companies trusted you to work for their organization from another location.

Create a Specific Remote Work Section

If only a few of your jobs were remote, such as freelance work on the side, you might want to include a dedicated remote work section of your resume. This allows potential employers to see that you can handle multiple obligations and work in different capacities depending on the specific job’s needs.

Add It to Your Experience

You can also add it to each job that was remote by making it a part of your experience or accomplishments. For example, especially with a job that went remote due to the pandemic, include how you could thrive under challenging circumstances and adapt to a changing workplace on short notice.

Showcase it In Your Skills Section

If you want to emphasize that remote work adds value to a potential employer, include it in your skills section. This can also include the use of tools common for remote work, including video conferencing software, collaborative social media, and other ways that you were able to contribute to your company while working from home.

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