Rekindle Your Relationship with Your Work

After the year we had, it’s not surprising that many job seekers are frustrated. But you can rekindle your relationship with work. In this month of love, as we celebrate Valentine’s Day, now is a great time to focus on your relationship to work. Remember how to love your job again. Here are some tips to get you started.

Practice Gratitude

Did you know gratitude is contagious? If you demonstrate your thanks to the people around you, it starts an avalanche of positivity throughout the workplace. This can give everyone the boost they need to remember why they love their job and get excited about contributing every day. Make it a habit to regularly thank people for things both big and small.

Make Friends

It’s common for people to become disconnected from work when they don’t have a bond with any of their coworkers. And we understand that this may be harder than ever with many companies transitioning to work-from-home, but that’s why it’s also more important. Connect with your coworkers and see what you have in common beyond the work you do.

Find a Passion Project

Sometimes, dissatisfaction with work comes from feeling like what you’re doing is repetitive and no longer exciting. This is the perfect time to take the initiative and find something that needs to be done, isn’t getting done, and enjoying doing. Observe processes and duties in the office and talk to your boss about taking something on as your passion project.

Take Advantage of Vacation Time

Time off is critical for our mental wellbeing. You’ve earned your vacation time, and there’s no honor in not using them. Taking time off from work gives you a chance to relax, recharge, and re-energize before you return to the office. It’s been shown to increase productivity rather than decrease it.

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