Why CornerStone? How Working With a Recruiter Can Benefit You

Is working with a recruiter the right move for your career? If you’re looking for a new job, a staffing agency might be the best tool you can have in your tool belt. It’s not uncommon for recruiters to have an unfair reputation in the employment market, so it’s essential to look at the facts when deciding. Here are the ways that working with a CornerStone Staffing recruiter can benefit you.

The Inside Track on Unlisted Jobs

Many companies never publish their jobs to the public. They will contact their staffing partner to help them find top talent. That means you may be losing out on opportunities simply because you weren’t in the right place at the right time. Working with a recruiter allows you to have the first and possibly the only shot at these opportunities.

Access to Hundreds of Reputable Local Businesses

Recruiters build connections with their client companies. In Dallas and Tempe, CornerStone staffing works with hundreds of reputable local companies looking for top talent. Our recruiters are trained to pre-screen employees and determine the best match between an employer and a candidate. We know that success is about a lot more than just matching skills to requirements, and we want to create long-term relationships for the future.

Short- and Long-Term Employment

If you’re not currently working, applying to a staffing agency can also give you a chance to work short term projects to earn extra money and keep your skills sharp. You can do this while you wait for the right full-time position to come along. Working on a temporary basis also allows the recruiter to learn your work style and get to know you better, which will help them recommend you to their clients in the future.

A Cheerleader in Your Corner

When you send your resume to a job opening, you don’t know what happens next. The company may read it; they may not. But a recruiter will only send your resume along with a few other top candidates for any given position. When they do, they’ll provide additional information and context for the hiring manager to consider. This will give you an added advantage.

Are You Looking at Staffing Agencies for Office Jobs Near You?

A CornerStone Recruiter can help you find the best office opportunities with top employers in your area. Contact the Tempe, AZ or Dallas CornerStone Staffing office today to get started.


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