What Defines a Great Candidate

Sometimes, hiring managers make the mistake of saying, “I’ll know it when I see it,” when they’re looking for a new candidate. They let their gut dictate the decision, leading to poor hiring choices and challenges once the individual starts work. There are other important details you should consider when making a hiring choice. What defines a great candidate? Here are a few of the qualities of a great candidate who will become a great employee.

Willingness to Learn

Many bad hiring decisions have come to light when managers realize their new employees are unwilling to learn new things. Some people simply bring their old habits to the table and refuse to admit that there may be other ways of handling any given project. You want to work with candidates who willingly embrace change and learn new things, especially your processes and procedures.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate with people at all levels of the organization is also essential. If your new team member cannot communicate with you throughout the process, it may be a red flag. You want to work with someone willing to ask questions as well as make statements. Asking for clarification is better than doing something wrong after a misunderstanding.


While it is a manager’s job to motivate their staff, an employee who cannot motivate themselves will fight any sort of morale booster at every turn. You want someone willing to take charge, make decisions, and responsible for their career happiness. They can also manage themselves and show results without a lot of handholding on the job.

Good Fit for the Team

Finally, it would be best to know that this new employee is a good fit for your existing team. That doesn’t mean they have to be carbon copies; diversity is good for a department. But they do need to be able to get along with the people you do currently have working in that department. You’ll know the way different personality traits will be able to work together.

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