Interview Questions to Uncover a Candidate’s Integrity

Your main goal is to determine if the candidate is a good fit for the position in an interview. One specific personality trait that will be important in the long run is their integrity. This is especially true in accounting or finance positions where someone will be dealing with facts, figures, and money. What kinds of questions should you ask to allow your candidates to show off their integrity, or lack thereof? You can uncover their trustworthiness by asking above and beyond the same old questions. Here are a few things you can ask in your next interview.

What Does Integrity Mean to You?

This gets to the core of the issue and allows the candidate to provide their definition and potential examples to help illustrate what they believe integrity means. You want to listen for their attention to detail, how they view trustworthiness, and how they communicate this value to you based on its importance to their career path.

Tell Me About a Time You Faced Consequences for Doing the Right Thing

Sometimes, personal values clash with corporate values, and you can find out a lot about someone based on how they’ve handled themselves in a sticky situation. If they chose to do what they consider the right thing but faced negative repercussions for their action, what happened next. You can tell a lot about the importance they place on integrity based on how they answer this question.

How Do You Handle It When You Make a Mistake?

Making a mistake on the job is a universal experience. But it’s not the mistake that’s the most pressing concern. What matters is how they handled themselves in the wake of the issue. What were their next steps? What did they do to make things right? How did their previous employer handle the situation? What did they learn from what happened?

Would Your Previous Boss Say You’re Trustworthy?

While this may seem like a simple yes or no question, there are a lot of ways a candidate can consider their answer. What you want to know is how they believe they were perceived by the decision-makers they worked with. This is also a good question in conjunction with a reference check as you can verify what their most recent employer thought of them before making a hiring decision.

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