The Hardest Challenges of Hiring

Some aspects of hiring never change while others are as fluid as the economy and technology. Today, in 2019, what are the biggest challenges for hiring top talent in your company? If you’ve struggled to make the right hiring choices, arming yourself with the best information can help you make more informed decisions and bring in great employees. Here are the hardest challenges of hiring many companies face today.

Supply and Demand of Talent

Over the last decade, our economy has flip flopped from an employer market to a candidate market. Today, with low unemployment, there are fewer qualified candidates competing for the same jobs, so employers have to get creative about their hiring process.

But employers also got used to the opposite environment only a few years ago, so they developed hiring processes that remain long and drawn out. This means that good candidates accept other job offers before some companies are even finished with interviews. Knowing this, and adjusting accordingly, will help employers make good hiring decisions and bring the top talent onto their teams.

The Skills Gap

Similarly, just a few years ago we were all talking about the skills gap. But there is ample evidence that shows the skills gap may have been a product of high unemployment not the cause of it. The skills gap has been outed as a myth, but the damage has already been done.

We were told that the skills gap caused otherwise qualified workers to remain unemployed because they simply didn’t have the necessary experience to thrive in the modern workplace. But that wasn’t exactly the case. When unemployment was high, companies could be choosier about their candidates so they focused on more specific skills rather than hiring for potential. It’s time employers take another look at these hiring policies and make the right adjustments for today.

Understanding Diversity

Diversity in the workplace has become a big buzzword, but how companies approach it varies from place to place. And sometimes, diversity initiatives fail before they can even make an impact because of the lack of understanding about how they work. Hiring for diversity doesn’t mean you can add a minority candidate or two and think you have it covered. It needs to be a long-term strategy that prioritizes inclusivity.

In truth, it takes years to build a diversity program that changes the culture of your organization. And no amount of diversity trainings can do that overnight.

Culture Fit

Speaking of culture, this is becoming a hot topic for companies and candidates alike. More candidates want to work with a company where their personality fits in. That’s a far cry from the work cultures of the past where everyone just clocked in, did their work, and clocked out. Today, a candidate needs to have a genuine interest in working for your company, not just any company, to be truly effective.

But that means you have to create a culture that attracts top talent and the kind of personalities that fit in best with your currently assembled team.

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