Are You “Overqualified?” Turn that into an Advantage

Has anyone ever told you you’re overqualified? When you hear a recruiter or hiring manager say these words, it can strike fear into your heart. What can you do about it? When it feels like companies are looking right through you like you don’t exist, it can be frustrating. They’re concerned that you’ll get bored or that you’ll make their team feel inadequate. How do you overcome these objections and prove that you’re still the best candidate? Here are a few ideas.

Be The Solution to Their Problem

Even if you’re overqualified on paper, that doesn’t mean you don’t apply. But your job as an applicant is to create a compelling enough narrative with your resume and cover letter that they’ll be willing to call you anyway.

Do this by zeroing in on the problem you can solve for them. Read the job description and the company website. View every position as a problem in need of a solution, then position yourself and your experience as the right solution.

Emphasize Your Interest in the Company

Companies also don’t want to hire people who are looking for just any job. You need to demonstrate to them why you’re specifically interested in their company. This can be done through research and through describing your interest in terms of their mission statement and goals.

But don’t do this disingenuously. Being hired by the wrong company will only further derail your career plans. You want to make sure this is the company that’s right for you before you meet with them face-to-face.

Own Your Experience

If you are overqualified on paper, you will be asked about it. Don’t lie and don’t obscure. Be honest and upfront about your situation. But you also don’t have to emphasize it. Prepare an answer that will help you address it but continue to focus on their specific needs, not your years of experience.

For example, let them know that you won’t require a lot of training. Your unique experience gives you a new perspective that can help them and their current team succeed. Focus on that.

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