Top 3 Questions You Should Ask Before Getting The Job

You’ve made it to the interview. This is exciting. You want this job, so you need to impress the hiring manager with your skills and background as well as your personality to prove that you’re a good fit for their office environment. But interviewing is a two-way conversation, so it shouldn’t be entirely focused on you answering questions. It’s imperative that you come to the table with questions prepared to ask the hiring manager. Not only will these give you more insight into the job, but they will demonstrate to the company that you’re serious about working with them. Here are the top three questions you should ask before getting the job.

What Do You Like About Your Job?

Don’t be afraid to ask your interviewer what their favorite part is about the job. They can give you a lot of insight into why it’s a great company to work with, their contribution, and their satisfaction. This will help you make a decision if you get the job offer.

You can watch out for red flags as well. If the interviewer is withholding information or struggling to find details to share, you may want to think about the company a little more. Chances are, if the person is fully engaged in their own job, they will be happy to share their reasons why.

What are the Biggest Challenges in the Department Right Now?

Every job opening is a problem that needs to be solved. It’s up to you to share with the interviewer how you can solve the problem. You don’t have to be sneaky about sorting out this information. Simply ask them what the biggest challenges are in their department.

Then use that information to share a bit about your background and how it is you can provide solutions to those problems. You can share a story about the skills you have and problems you’ve solved for past employers that give the interviewer a sense of how you approach issues on the job.

What are the Next Steps in the Interview Process?

Never leave an interview without finding out their next steps. You want to have as clear an understanding as possible when they expect to make a decision. Also, ask them where you are in the process so far. Are there other candidates in consideration?

Once you have their timeline, you can properly follow up after the interview. Send a thank you note the same day or the next day after your interview. Then, if you don’t hear anything follow up when they say they’ll be making a decision.

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