Our Top Advice for Employers from 2018

Each year, we aim to provide the very best professional advice for employers throughout the Dallas area. We want to curate content that will benefit local businesses and help them hire and retain the top employees currently available. Before we kick off the new content for 2019, we wanted to take a look back at 2018 to round up our most popular posts from the year. Here are the four posts that got the most traction last year.

1. Is gamification good for customer service?

In February, we took a closer look at gamification and how it could benefit customer service managers and employees. Gamification is the method of turning any process into a game. There are apps that allow people to turn household chores into games, so why shouldn’t there be an incentive to perform a customer service job this way? In this post, we share how to do that.

2.Overtime versus temporary employees.

As a manager, you sometimes have to make difficult decisions that affect the work/life balance of your team. If you’re struggling with the process of requesting overtime hours, this post provides an alternative. Look at your situation and determine whether or not overtime hours or hiring temporary employees would be best to serve the company and the people in it.

3. Using social media to recruit in Dallas.

In March, we discussed the impact of social media on hiring in the Dallas area. This post not only shared details about how to find new candidates online but also how to use social media to improve brand awareness and help attract both talent and customers through your doors.

4. How recruiters help eliminate the salary gap.

We also took on the heady topic of the salary gap and how it affects men and women in the U.S. and right here in Dallas. We posited that recruiters could be one of the factors that could help close that gap for candidates and employers. We also included practical tips such as determining the salary ahead of the interviewing process and not requesting a salary history from your top contenders.

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