Can a Recruiter Help Eliminate the Salary Gap Between Men and Women?

There has been a lot of talk over the last few years about the gender pay gap. There are certainly people on both sides of the conversation, but the truth is many women in professional roles make less than their male counterparts in the exact same positions. Can there be a solution to this? And, can a recruiter help eliminate this salary gap for the candidates they represent? Here are some things to consider about the salary gap, paying everyone fairly, and a recruiters role.

Determine compensation range ahead of interviewing.

You can’t practice gender-based discrimination if you determine the range for the salary ahead of looking at candidates. In this case, you’ll be judging everyone with the same criteria regardless of any other mitigating factors. Create your budget and use that as your starting point rather than determining the range in the opposite order.

Do not request a salary history from your top candidates.

Some states are making it illegal for companies to ask candidates about their previous salary history. The belief is that many companies will choose to hire those who have worked for less in the past in order to save money, but the evidence shows that this may perpetuate salary inequality. The money someone made in the past should not have any bearing on the salary your current position.

Work with your recruiter to determine skills and background.

Another way to ensure that your company isn’t contributing to the gender pay gap is to work with a staffing agency to ensure that your process is fair and equitable. Your recruiter can help you put together a job description and will source resumes and conduct the prescreening process before submitting the best possible candidates.

Allow your recruiter to negotiate on your behalf.

When you partner with an agency, you can also stay out of the salary negotiation process altogether. You share your budget with the recruiter who will then negotiate the candidate’s salary package on your behalf. This will allow you to remove yourself from making a potentially biased decision when drawing up a job offer.

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