Gamification Will Help the Training of Your Customer Service Reps

Gamification is here to stay. So should you be thinking about it for your business? Turning anything into a game will increase participation and engagement, so why not put it to the test in your customer service training program? The gamification phenomenon is all around us, and we may not even notice it most of the time. Look at what Pokemon Go did for getting people out and about in their communities. Gamification can do that for you, too. Here are a few ways you can use this model to make your training program more fun for your incoming customer service representatives.

Training is more effective.

Customer service is a constantly evolving field, but that doesn’t mean that training has to remain uptight and rigid. Ditch the whiteboards and lecture hall style presentations. There is evidence to support that employees will retain more information if they do the work themselves. Using a simulation can help kick training into high gear.

It fosters healthy competition.

Within customer service environments, competition is normal and encouraged. But it’s most effective when it’s healthy and not stressful. Creating a game out of your customer service training will help the incoming team of customer service reps develop a healthy view of competition within the office. Recognition encourages participation.

It encourages collaboration.

At the same time, competition and collaboration don’t have to be pitted against one another. There are even a variety of new games designed to be collaborative with the players against the game itself. Even in competitive settings, there is also a social aspect that helps encourage collaboration. It can help them develop strategies they can share.

Provide rewards for achievements.

Finally, within any game there is a reward. It may be the satisfaction of winning or there may be a prize the player is striving for while playing. You can add these to your training program as well as create a reward system for your employees once they are on the job. Know the public recognition is a valued reward for many people.

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