Overtime vs. Temporary Workers: How To Make the Right Decision for Your Team

Busy seasons and major projects happen, and that usually means it’s all hands on deck until the work is done. But should you ask your team to work overtime or should you consider bringing on temporary employees? There are a few things to evaluate before you make a decision. Here are the questions you should ask yourself in the process.

Do your employees want overtime?

The first thing to recognize is whether or not your employees want overtime. There are some jobs where workers rely on additional overtime hours and will jump at the chance. While others may prefer to have more flexibility. This decision may also depend on whether or not your staff is made up of hourly or salary employees that fall under the exempt or non-exempt employment categories.

Do they value work/life balance?

On the other hand, if your team does not want to work overtime, it’s important that their preferences are respected. There was a time in most industries where managers might have declared overtime mandatory, but that doesn’t breed satisfaction among workers. Occasional overtime is fine, but if it happens too frequently you will want to look at your options.

How will the decision affect your business?

The next question to ask is how the decision will affect your overall business. Obviously, you need someone to fill that role in order to maintain productivity and profitability, so look at what kind of staffing will make the most sense in your particular circumstance. In some cases, overtime may work, especially if your employees are happy to pitch in or the project is short term. In other cases, hiring temporary workers will be much more cost-effective.

Do you have a staffing partner?

Of course, this entire decision is predicated upon having a relationship with a qualified and reliable staffing partner to help you when you need help most. The key is to develop this relationship before you have a need for project work to help your current staff keep up. Your staffing partner can get to know your business and environment and when the need arises, can send the right number of qualified employees to help keep you and your employees on track.

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