How Can You Build an Agile Customer Service Team?

While agile is a simple adjective to describe something that is able to move quickly and easily, there is another definition buried in corporate culture. Most often used in software development, agile refers to a method of project management intended to break down processes so they can be tackled in a quick and easy manner. Though it is common for software, can the agile mindset also work for managing customer service representatives? It can, and here’s how.

Find agents skilled in multiple communication methods.

Today’s call centers aren’t just call centers at all. A variety of new media have emerged in an effort to make it easier for customers to communicate with companies. Phones, chat, email, and social media are all the new normal when it comes to customer service. And at each checkpoint, the customer has to feel like they’re speaking directly with the company. Hiring employees who are comfortable in multiple communication methods is now key.

Keep your team engaged to reduce dissatisfaction.

A restless employee is likely to seek other avenues of fulfillment. They’ll be looking for the next opportunity to make more money. By treating your team well, engaging them with good salaries and incentives, you’ll keep them on board with your organization rather than bleeding their talent to your competitors. Develop methods to incorporate employee happiness into your day-to-day business.

Allow agents to use different tactics with customers.

It’s also important to give your CSRs autonomy with their calls. If their hands are tied too much, the customer will become frustrated that their issue is not being resolved. Stick to the script is only one method of service, but allowing your team the ability to make decisions to help solve a customer’s problem can go a long way to inciting brand loyalty.

Work with a staffing agency to source talent.

If you’re concerned about hiring top talent, especially if you need to fill a large number of customer service agent positions quickly, your best bet is to partner with a local staffing agency. Recruiters specializing in the placement of customer service representatives can source candidates, prescreen them, and set up interviews for you to make the final selection. They will also be involved in the onboarding process and continuously check in to ensure the project is going well. You can work with an agency for short-term positions and to find top talent to hire directly.

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