The Cover Letter That Gets You the Job You Want in Dallas in 2019

Did you know that a good cover letter is just as important as a resume? Before a hiring manager or recruiter even opens your resume, they’ll read the cover letter. In today’s digital world, most resumes are submitted online, so a cover letter is generally an email or attached to an application. Many job seekers skip this step altogether but keep in mind that your resume may not get read if it comes attached to a blank email. Here are some tips for writing a cover letter that will get you the job you want in Dallas next year

Show examples.

The most important thing you can do in a cover letter is demonstrate your knowledge in brief. This is why many creative workers have a website that serves as a portfolio. They can direct the employer there to see more of their work. But if you don’t have a need for a portfolio website, take a moment to describe an example of your expertise in a particular job. For example, share a quick story about how you solved a problem using the skills the company listed in their job description.

Be specific.

This is also not a time to be vague. There may have been things you had to leave off your resume due to dates of employment or lack of direct relevance. Here, you can elaborate on some things. For instance, if you are looking for an accounting job, specifically reference your experience with the software they use. Write a new cover letter for each job to help you stay fresh and specific.

Drop names.

It is completely okay to drop names in your cover letter. When you have a mutual contact, use that to your advantage. This can come out of your networking efforts. When you speak to others about your job search, include them in your cover letter. If you don’t have anyone directly related to the job, let them know you have references regarding your work performance.

Provide data.

Finally, your cover letter should include data. You’ve likely already included this on your resume, but here you can elaborate. Did you save your company money? How did you do that exactly? You may have briefly shared it on your resume, but on your cover letter, you can create a short paragraph describing your experience with this.

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