Become the Customer Service Agent a Dallas Customer Service Manager Dreams Of

Looking for a customer service job in the Dallas area seems easy enough. There are plenty of businesses that have set up shop in the area looking for talent to fill their open positions. But not every job is the same and, more importantly, not every customer service agent is either. To land the best jobs, you need to be the kind of customer service representative that customer service managers are looking to hire. How do you do that? Here are a few things you can focus on in your job search.

Great Communication Skills

It’s no surprise really that communications skills are at the top of the list for any call center manager. They want to know that you can talk with a variety of people throughout the day. That you are able to keep your cool when someone on the other end is responding poorly to the situation. Not only do you have to be confident in telephone-based communications, but a good CSR also needs to cultivate their written and face-to-face communications skills.

Multiple-Channel Knowledge

It’s a new era and customer service jobs aren’t all confined to a call center and telephones in cubes. Companies are offering multi-channel options for their customers to reach them, including chat and email. Some companies are even focusing on social media as the platform becomes more ubiquitous in terms of customer service and support. If you know how to work with all of these platforms, you’ll be ahead of your competition.

Awesome Customer Experience

Ultimately, whether you’re on the phone or chatting over a messaging service, the most important aspect of customer relations is a good experience. When a customer reaches out to a company it’s almost always because they have a concern or problem that needs to be solved. They need to feel as though there are being heard and their issue is being addressed. If you can demonstrate this skill in your initial interview process, the manager will be elated to consider you a top candidate.

Understand the Revenue Chain

Lastly, it’s important to note the entire ecosystem of a customer service department. For any company, their end users are the method by which they generate revenue. If customers aren’t happy, they won’t be return customers. If you understand your place in the chain, as the glue that will keep customers happy and returning, that will go a long way to proving to a hiring manager that you have the skills and drive they need for the entire department and even the company to succeed.

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