4 Apps All Job Seekers MUST Use

Today’s hyper-connected digital world really makes communication quick and easy. Mobile phones and the apps they provide are not a passing fad in the marketplace, they really are revolutionary technology that will change the way we engage with others and the world around us. Even the job search is being affected by social media and mobile apps. Here are 4 applications that every job seeker must use to take full advantage of changes in the marketplace.

  • Apploi. Because so many job seekers use their mobile devices to apply for jobs, apps like this are changing the entire process. Apploi allows employers to customize the questions that the apps ask online which, in turn, provides an opportunity for job seekers to demonstrate their real experience.
  • JobCompass. The length of commute is important for many job seekers. Not spending too much time on the road in the morning and afternoon is necessary for the right work/life balance. JobCompass allows seekers to pinpoint the location of available jobs based on zip code. This could also help candidates looking to relocate to an unfamiliar city so they can determine the best location in town once they move.
  • LinkedIn and Broadli. LinkedIn is the premier online professional networking site, but it does have an online app component. Once you download the LinkedIn app, you may also want to pair it with Broadli. This will allow you to maximize your online connections by connecting with people on LinkedIn who are most likely to be able to help you.
  • Craigster. Some companies are using Craigslist to advertise their jobs, but so are some scam artists. It can be difficult to determine the difference which results in a lot of missed opportunities. Craigster allows you to view new posts right away and apply directly to the right ones immediately.

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