Improve Employee Training for Retention

Employee turnover has been a big problem for businesses since our economy has started to recover. Some individuals who accepted ill-fitting jobs to continue to earn a living began to seek new opportunities. Companies who recognize that their staff is their best asset are looking for good advice on retaining star employees. Here are 7 ways training can help you keep your team happy and engaged with your business.

  1. Start from the beginning. From the very first day of employment it is important that you establish a company culture that puts learning at the top of the priorities list. Be approachable and encourage questions to ensure that everyone is comfortable with general office functions as well as their specific positions.
  2. Spread your core message. Good training isn’t just about skills. Your employees should also be trained on your company culture, your mission, and your core values. Regularly schedule meetings to go over the corporate identity to make sure your message is consistent.
  3. Cross-train for variety and security. The more aspects of your business a single employee is familiar with the better it is for both parties. They will be engaged in different tasks they are able to perform. You will also eliminate emergencies when a critical staff member is unable to perform their duties.
  4. Establish mentorship programs. New employees can learn a lot from your veteran team. This will not only help spread the information among your new team members but also create a sense of purpose for those who have seniority in the company. Some experts advise pairing millennial employees with boomers so they can learn from each other.
  5. Create goals for success. Not only should each employee have their own individual goals but you should also establish company-wide goals for everyone to work toward. This can improve innovation and employee motivation.
  6. Making training fun. Gamification and social training are certainly buzz words but they will help to make your training process more fun for your employees. For example, at the end of a group training session split your new employees into teams. Ask them to search the office to answer questions like “where do we turn in our time cards?” or “where do we put interoffice mail?”
  7. Reward system. Your employees want to be recognized for their contribution so be sure to include rewards in the training process. Provide incentives such as gift certificates or additional personal time off for those who demonstrate retention of the new knowledge.

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