8 Questions you should be asking in an interview

Most of us know to expect the typical questions in an interview. We also know we should ask several questions in return. Keep in mind that you are interviewing the company as well. Here are 8 suggestions to ask before, during and after the interview to dig deeper.

  1. Who will be conducting the interview? Before you even cross the company’s doorway you should know exactly with whom you will be speaking. You may set up the interview with a recruiter or an assistant but will be interviewing with the department manager. If you know who you’re talking to you can better prepare.
  2. Does this involve commission only sales? When you put your resume on the internet, you will likely receive some unexpected calls. If you find yourself talking on the phone with a company you have not solicited you have every right to be cautious. Ask about the compensation structure right away. If they won’t share it with you, or they indicate that it is commission only sales, or you have to purchase a product before you can work for them it is time to end the conversation.
  3. What are the long and short term goals? The best way to prepare to be the best candidate is to understand the motivation for the position. They will want to know your goals, but you should also know what they have in mind.
  4. Why is this job open? There are many reasons a company might be hiring a new employee. Sometimes the previous person wasn’t a good fit or they were promoted. Or it could be a new position all together due to growth or a new idea. This information will help you understand if you are interested in the role.
  5. Who will I be working with on a daily basis? Is this a solitary position that will keep you in a cube all day or will you be working with a team? Depending on what you prefer this may help you decide if this is the right job for you.
  6. Is there anything about my experience you would like me to elaborate on? We assume that all interviewers know what they are doing but that is not the case. If you find that the interviewer is not about things you feel are important feel free to prompt them.
  7. What is your sense of urgency? Knowing how soon the company wants to fill the position will give you a better feel about how serious they are in general.
  8. Have you made a decision? An interviewer will typically share how long they expect to take to make a decision. If the deadline has passed and you haven’t heard anything, feel free to follow up. If they said they made another decision ask for feedback on your interview and if they thought you could improve on anything for the future.

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