New Customer and Employee Updates to CornerStone Netlink

CornerStone Staffing is pleased to announce the latest updates to our web portal, CornerStone Netlink. These updates include new features for both our employees and our clients.  The new portals include an easy to use time keeping system both for time card entry as well as customer approval of employee hours. Check out some of the things CornerStone Netlink has to offer.

  • Seamless payroll process. Employees can navigate their assignments online to create their own weekly time cards. Employees can input their start and end times as well as lunch hour for easy tracking.  Once an employee has entered the time, it takes one click to submit it for review. If the hours have been submitted prematurely, it is just as easy to go back and edit the time.
  • Simple time card review. Customers can easily access the employees’ hours to give the weekly approval necessary to process payroll each week. If the time card is reviewed and is missing information or the hours are incorrect, the customer can easily reject the card sending it back to the employee to make necessary changes and resubmit the hours for approval.
  • Paperless processes. With the Netlink system, both payroll and invoicing are 100% paperless. Timecards can be reviewed online or even on your smart phone. Invoices are emailed and include the details of the submitted time cards. Invoice payments can be done electronically as well.
  • Place your order on line. Request an employee directly from the CornerStone Netlink’s easy to use ordering system. The communication process is simple and streamlined through these online portals.
  • Customizable reporting. Netlink offers options for customized reports for your business. These can include the employee hours, money spent in the department, and much more. Have instant access to information you need to create your recruiting plan in the future.
  • Accessible Employee Data. This information can include total hours worked, pay and bill rates and employee performance evaluations. Keeping everyone informed of our processes is very important to us as we help to build a better workforce.

Updates to CornerStone Netlink went live on Monday, June 18th. Talk to us today about how our online portals can create a streamlined recruiting process for you.

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