4 Ways to Increase Your Resume Visibility

If you ask five different recruiters what they like to see in a resume, you are likely to get ten different answers. Resumes are highly subjective when it comes to formatting and overall feel. However, there are some things most recruiters agree are important to include. The purpose of the resume is to engage the… Read more »

3 Ways to Follow-up a Job Interview

Congratulations! Submitting your resume led to a phone call and an interview. Once the interview is complete it is up to the hiring manager to simply make a decision and contact you, right? Wrong. After the interview the ball is still in your court for just a few more moments. Use this time wisely to… Read more »

3 Tips for Following Up Your Interview in Texas

Sending your resume to faceless postings through major online job boards or social media can seem like dropping it into a never ending black hole. Even though you know that your skills are a perfect match for the company, you researched their business, and customized your resume, you never know what happens to it after… Read more »

The Art of the Status Update: LinkedIn Job Search Tips

In 2012, 38% of job seekers used LinkedIn to help them find a job. The network continues to be one of the fastest growing sites on the web and pages show up on search engine queries frequently. If you’re not using LinkedIn to its full potential it is time to start learning how to optimize… Read more »

Is the Corporate Culture Right for You?

There is much more to the decision of accepting your next job than simply matching your skills to the duties. Recruiters often talk in terms of “fit.” This should be something that candidates should take into consideration as well throughout the interview process. If a company’s values aren’t in line with your own you will… Read more »

Stand Out Above the Crowd

You know there is a lot of competition for each available job advertised on the Internet. In order to be in consideration it is important to stand out as a candidate. What are the best ways to do this and how can you show you are the best potential employee for that company? Here are… Read more »