4 Ways to Increase Your Resume Visibility

If you ask five different recruiters what they like to see in a resume, you are likely to get ten different answers. Resumes are highly subjective when it comes to formatting and overall feel. However, there are some things most recruiters agree are important to include. The purpose of the resume is to engage the reader enough that they want to contact you to learn more. Here are four ways you can improve your resume.

  1. Be considerate of the white space. Most readers don’t like to comb through blocks of text on any page. Resumes are typically glanced at and skimmed on the first look. You want to draw the eye to the most important information. Do this by including spacing in your resume and avoid paragraphs. You may use bullet points to create lists, or line spacing between each of your jobs and resume sections. You can also use boldface and italics to emphasize important things.
  2. Focus on your results. Many people spend time creating a list of the duties involved in their position, but it is more important to be clear about what it is that you have done. Rather than providing a laundry list of skills provide information on what you did while in that position. Show that you are a problem solver and you can be an asset to their specific company.
  3. Use the same keywords they use. When you send your resume to a job post don’t simply click on the email address and shoot off your generic resume. Spend a little time adding some of the keywords from the post into your document. If you have the experience this shouldn’t be too difficult. Make the keywords fit in naturally but in places where they will attract the eye and make someone want to read more.
  4. Back experience up with data. The most important thing you can impart in the hiring manager is that you can do what you say you’ve done. The best way to demonstrate this is by including hard data. Make it clear what you have accomplished in your previous positions. Show the figures and facts that emphasize your skills.

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