If You Can’t Sell This, Then How Can You Be Great in Customer Service?

sell yourselfA customer service job requires a lot of skills. You must have excellent communication skills, be able to talk to a variety of people in person or over the phone, and be able to sell or promote your product or service. But what many job seekers fail to realize is that a job interview is the first real test to determine your customer service mindset. If you’re not able to promote yourself to a hiring manager, how can you sell their company to an unhappy customer or create client loyalty? Here are some ways you can sell yourself in your next customer service interview.

Know how to be confident.

There is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. No one wants to work with a customer service professional who acts overbearing or superior. Instead, focus on positive confidence. Project your skills, your expertise, and an overall good attitude that others will want to embrace. Allow your enthusiasm to be contagious. If you have a solid track record and the hiring manager points that out, don’t talk about how all of that success was because of your efforts. Give accolades to your team members. If there is enough success, it will become apparent that you are a key part of that success.

Embrace the art of storytelling.

Humans naturally react to stories. It is why our culture has evolved the way it has. It is why novels, television, and movies are part of our entertainment lexicon. When you’re addressing questions in your interview, learn to tell your narrative. Engage the listener. This will go a long way for the interviewer, but also for your future customers. When hiring managers conduct a number of interviews, the same routine answers can run into each other. If you’re able to stand out with your answers, then you’ll make an impression when they compare candidates down the line.

Always assess your audience.

When you’re discussing your background, a new product, or a service you offer, you always need to know who you’re addressing. Even though you will use these same sales skills between the interview and the job, know that talking to a hiring manager will be different than talking to an unhappy customer. The ability to quickly assess and approach your audience is critical.

Never let them see you frustrated.

The biggest mistake that customer service professionals make is to allow the frustrations of the job to seep into their interactions with customers. It can be hard when the caller is yelling or abusive, but the key is knowing how to handle it graciously. You don’t have to apologize or take the abuse either, but demonstrating that you have grace under pressure will be essential for the job.

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