Why It’s Important to Set the Tone Early in the Job Search

What to Expect BlogJob seekers are eager to start work. They may have been on the hunt for the perfect opportunity for a while, even if they are highly skilled, so they want the process to go quickly. But from the hiring manager’s perspective, that isn’t always possible. It is critical that you manage the expectations of your candidates from the very start. This way, everyone can be on the same page and you can navigate the process and take everyone’s needs into account.

1. Explain the timeline.

Managing expectations is a critical component of a job search. Your candidates need to know what the process will be from start to finish. Establish how long the each step will take and inform the job seeker. When you receive a resume, let them know how long it will be if they are chosen and continue to update throughout the steps. Being transparent (and meeting those deadlines) in the timeline will be welcomed by all job candidates.

2. Share the hidden details.

A job posting is a snapshot. It is just part of the bigger picture for the job you want to fill. When you are able to talk to individual candidates, share the details that can’t be summed up in a short and concise job description. It doesn’t have to be comprehensive, but it should be informative. Let them know what it takes to be successful for your company. That information will help with making great hiring decisions and finding the right fit.

3. Describe and show the corporate culture.

Half of the success of hiring the right people comes down to matching personalities within your office. While you’re going through the process, it is essential that you demonstrate an accurate picture of the corporate culture so candidates know whether or not the environment is right for them personally and professionally. At the right time, take them on a tour of the facility and introduce them to other employees. Get feedback from your employees on their interactions with the job candidates.

4. Be respectful of their time.

Finally, always be respectful of the candidate’s time. Don’t waste it waiting for the next best thing to arrive. Be honest and clear about the status and never string someone along. This applies to the entire process as well as each step. Don’t be late to an interview and don’t treat them like they’re an inconvenience. But know if they do not provide the same courtesy, they may not be suitable for your organization.

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