Recruitment Tips For 2023

Your employer brand is essential to candidates. This is your reputation, and without a strong foundation, you may find it challenging to attract top talent. Do you want to improve your employer brand and have a company that current, past, and future employees want to work with? Here are some ways you can positively affect your reputation.

Tapping Into Referrals

Not enough companies are tapping into the rich resources of their current team to find new talent. Your employees have rich networks of other professionals they would be happy to refer to a good job. Be the employer that people want to recommend. Offer a referral bonus as an incentive as well. Create a bonus structure that provides a payout when the new employee completes their first 90 days.

Remote and Hybrid Work

Watching the news shows that demands for employees to return to offices aren’t working out for every business. Remote work is here to stay, and companies that don’t offer it will lose talent to those that do. You can also provide a hybrid approach, which many employees prefer over full-time in the office. This flexibility will be a critical differentiator for talent.

Online Presence

Your social media is part reputation and part recognition. Now is the perfect time to review what you’re doing and make a plan moving forward. Your business social media accounts, such as the Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn company page, should be branded consistently. You should engage your audience and share things that showcase your company’s culture.

Improved Application Process

Finally, now is the time to review your application process. Did you know that online applications have a 92% abandonment rate? According to SHRM, the frustration around online applications is a barrier to employment. And it’s not a good screening tool to weed out unqualified employees. Top talent will avoid completing the applications as well. It’s recommended that you complete your application online to see where the bottlenecks are and streamline it to make it more user and mobile-friendly. 

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