Top Sales Jobs That Typically Don’t Require a Degree

You may think you need to complete your college degree before being qualified for most jobs. But this is no longer an absolute truth. Many jobs, including within sales, don’t require a college education. While hiring managers may have preferences for candidates with degrees, you can overcome these hurdles if you position yourself correctly. Here are the top sales jobs you can get without a degree.

Advertising Sales

Advertising sales is a role working with trade publications, networks, websites, magazines, or other things that rely on advertising money to cover the cost of production. The position is to contact potential advertisers and discuss print and broadcast ad options. Knowing how to pitch and close sales will be critical, but the job also requires critical thinking and research skills.

Store Management

Retail or store managers are the person who handles the day-to-day operations of brick-and-mortar stores. They ensure that the stop operates effectively and efficiently. This can include hiring and training team members, managing inventory, and providing motivation to staff. It may also involve some customer interaction, including complaint resolution.

Customer Service Representative

CSRs or call center employees take or call customers for the specific industry represented. These are often high-volume jobs that require excellent communication and problem-solving skills. The primary requirements are comfort levels with phones and technology. Some companies also employ customer service representatives to handle online chats instead of phone calls.

Insurance Agent

Insurance agents work with clients regarding their policies and can represent auto, home, life, and health insurance. The position requires experience with payment methods and calculations and building relationships with clients and vendors. Networking and referrals are essential. You will also need to evaluate risk and help clients choose the right products for their needs.

Leasing Agent

A job as a leasing agent is an excellent opportunity to work with property owners and their tenants. You will assist prospective renters with what they need to qualify. You will also manage the current residents and keep the property secure and running smoothly. You resolve complaints, communicate with the maintenance team, and handle payments for rent.

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