5 Ways You Can Roll Out The Welcome Mat For Temporary Associates

It can be hard for your temporary associates to feel welcome in your company, but it’s also essential. Every employee, whether a permanent hire or a temporary associate, is a valuable member of your team and deserves to be included in all aspects of your company culture. If you want to welcome your temporary associates into the workforce starting on day 1, here are five ways you can start today.

Consider Your Long-Term Hiring Plan

Before you ever hire a single temporary associate, consider your long-term needs. Sure, things come up that are immediate, but you can also try to determine what your plan should be. The more prepared you are for potential assignments, the better the onboarding experience will be when you bring someone into the office to help with a project.

Be a Positive Leader

You also want to create a culture where everyone in your workplace welcomes temporary associates into the organization. The best way to do that is to lead by example. When your team sees that you treat everyone with respect, they are likely to follow suit. Be positive, and that positivity will carry on.

Talk to Your Team

It’s also essential that you discuss everything with your team, so they know your expectations. Sometimes, employees feel threatened by the presence of temporary associates. If they’re worried that a short-term employee will take their job, they may not be as welcoming. Assure your staff that temporary associates are here to help.

Check Comments on Social Media

You may also want to do some recon. Have you looked at the comments on social media to see how people view or review your company? Are you looking at sites like Glassdoor? These comments can be helpful even if they’re just sour grapes, which is often the case. Look at what people are saying and how they are saying it and see if you can make improvements.

Consider how Temporary Associates Play a Part

You also want to know how each temporary associate fits into your overall business plan. What is their role? How can their skills be best utilized? How do you show them the ropes efficiently so they can start working right away? Be ready when they begin their assignment, so they don’t have to wait for you to determine how to move forward.

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