The New Face of Resumes, What to Expect This Year

Long gone are the days when resumes were simply a bulleted laundry list of skills and abilities. Today’s job seekers are changing the way they look for jobs, so employers need to change the way they evaluate candidates. Resumes certainly aren’t dead, but they have evolved. So what tired resume practices are dying off, and what new trends should you expect in 2020 and beyond?

The Generalized Resume is Over

Long gone are the days of a standard, boilerplate resume that job seekers send to every employer. Generalized resumes are no longer valued in the workplace, so you want to look for those that are customized. If the job seeker has used similar language as your job posting, you know they’ve paid attention.

Short and Sweet is the Goal

There was also a time when a job seeker would create their resume as a compendium of everything they’ve ever done professionally. Sometimes that meant content leaked onto three or four pages. People now understand that hiring managers don’t have that kind of attention span when they’re also focusing on the rest of their job. Resumes that are one to two pages are in the sweet spot.

Living Resumes on Social Media

While a formal resume is still a requirement for many open jobs, employers should also consider the professional profile on social media. Most importantly, focus on LinkedIn. It is the premier professional networking site, and everyone’s profile acts as a living resume that should be updated regularly. This is an excellent way to connect with potential job seekers.

Showcasing Personality and Personal Achievement

You don’t just want to hire someone with a laundry list of skills. You want to hire a complete person with accomplishments and goals. Look for resumes that feature a little personality without being over the top. What is the one thing outside of the skills you’re looking for that attracts your attention?

Flash and Function

As a hiring manager, you will start to see more resumes with a visual flair. And some jobs are made for more visual representations, such as creative jobs. Other job seekers will still present a well-formatted and straightforward resume. Neither is superior; it’s just a matter of preference.

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