Job Interview Blues? 3 Ways to Be Excited for the Next One!

Interviewing can be hard, especially if you’ve been on the job market for a while. You feel like you have to just get through it and hope for the best. But interviewing is your chance to shine with a potential employer, and they can tell when you have the blues. Your attitude can make all the difference, and companies need to see positivity when they’re evaluating candidates. How can you show your excitement in your next interview? Here are three ways.

Know How You Can Help

Every job opening is a problem that needs to be solved. To position yourself as the solution will give you the advantage over your competition in the process. Take time to completely internalize the job description. Understand its nuances and apply your skills to the specific needs of the company.

When you go into the interview, showcase how you can help them specifically. Talk about how your experience helped you succeed in past jobs and how you believe you will be a good, long-term fit for this company. Each of your accomplishments tells a story – engage the interviewer with the narrative of your career background.

Be Passionate About the Job

Companies also don’t want to hire someone who is looking for just any job. You need to share with them why you’re excited about their specific job. If you’re not genuinely excited about it, your apathy will come out quickly once you’re on the job.

Research the company. Look into what they have to offer that other, similar companies don’t. What can they bring to the table in terms of industry, benefits, culture, environment, and more? In the interview, demonstrate why you’re excited about working with them specifically. Ask questions based on your research of the company to dig deeper into their culture and why the interviewer loves working there.

Have Self-Confidence

Lastly, be confident. Show that you know you’re qualified for the job and would be their best candidate. However, be careful that your confidence doesn’t cross the line to arrogance. Pay attention to your body language to show that you’re interested, welcoming, and excited but not aggressive or dominant.

We’re often told as part of our society that bragging is bad, but that’s exactly what you’re supposed to do in a job interview. Don’t be afraid to talk about what you’ve done and accomplished in the past, just be gracious about it and give credit where it’s due.

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