Increasing First-Touch Success – How Can You Train Agents the Right Way

Customer service and call center agents play a very important role in the success of your business. They are often the very first touch you have with your customers, and their interaction will set the tone for all future business. If you want to make sure your agents are making the right impression and leading to customer and brand loyalty, you need to start with training. Training can set the best foundation to ensure your team is prepared to offer the best possible customer service. Here are a few ways you can increase your first-touch success.

Start At the Beginning

Sending the message about making that first-touch engagement is important and it needs to happen right from the beginning of training. When you make this the focus of what your new agents are learning, they will internalize it as an important takeaway.

Take Care of Your Employees

When your employees are satisfied with their jobs, they will be genuine with the customers. This will lead to happier customers. Keeping your team engaged, motivated, and excited about the work they’re doing is critical to customer satisfaction.

Identify Areas of Improvement

As you monitor the calls made by individuals, make sure you’re using the information gathered productively. If there are concerns, bring them up right away with the specific individual. The longer you let something go, the less likely it will be to improve.

Reinforce Success

Of course, don’t let feedback occur only when you have something corrective to say. When a member of your customer service team achieves success, whether it’s solving a major customer problem or upselling, be sure to reinforce their success through reward and praise.

Get the Right Talent

All of this begins with having the right talent in place. Customer service positions can be high turnover, but they don’t have to be. Partner with a staffing agency that specializes in placements for call centers to help you find the best local talent available.

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